Developing retail
sales and brands

Oil and Fats Business

Over the past five years, Rusagro has expanded its portfolio of brands of fat and oil products to nine brands, including the umbrella brand of Ya lublu gotovit (I Love to cook) sauces, which includes three more brands. The main objectives of the Company were to maintain the leading positions of brands in home regions and to conquer the mayonnaise market in the Central Federal District. So, in 2020, the Provansal EZhK brand took the first place and 69% of the mayonnaise market in Ekaterinburg, the Schedroe Leto (Generous summer) brand took the first place and 58% of the consumer margarine market in the Urals, and the Saratovsky brand took the second place and 28% in the consumer margarine market in the Volga Region. In Moscow, the first place and 31% of the mayonnaise market was held by the Moskovsky Provansal brand, which entered the portfolio of Rusagro’s brands in 2019.

Share of Rusagro’s brands of fat and oil products in the Russian market, %
Source: AC Nielsen for January-December 2020

Meat Business

After the launch of the meat processing plant in 2015 and its own brand at the end of 2016, Rusagro progressively stepped up the output of pig cuts and sales of branded consumer products. According to the results of 2020, the share of own animals to be slaughtered amounted to 88% vs 46% in 2016, and the sales volume of chilled semi-finished products under the Slovo Myasnika brand reached 20thousand tonnes. With an 8% market share of semi-finished pork products (including with the addition of other types of meat), the Business has achieved high brand strength indicators over the past years – brand awareness in the Central Federal District has grown by 51 p.p. as compared to 2019 – from 23 to 74%, and throughout Russia – by 39 p.p. (from 19 to 58%Based on 2020 results according to Millward Brown research).

Volume of Rusagro’s pork sales under own brand, ths tonnes


For many years now, Rusagro has been dominating the Russian market for white and brown lump sugar. The total share of Russkii Sakhar, Chaikofsky, Khoroshy (Good) and Mon Café brands amounted to 46% in the white lump sugar market, and Brauni – 29% in the brown lump sugar market. The Khoroshy brand launched in August 2020 to meet the growing demand for low-price products accounted for 3%. With a share of 32%, brand awareness of 90% and loyalty of 59%, Russkii Sakhar again was the strongest brand of white lump sugar.

Share of Rusagro’s sugar product brands in the Russian market, %
Source: AC Nielsen for December 2020