Relations with

External Corporate Relations And Ethics Standards

The Company conforms its activities on strict compliance with the laws and other regulatory legal acts of the countries within its footprint. In addition, Rusagro and its employees adhere to the basic ethical principles set forth in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

The Company’s relations with the government agencies and local authorities are based on responsibility, trustworthiness, partnership, and mutual trust, as well as on respect for, and consistency with, the obligations.

The underlying principles of the Company’s relations with its business partners (customers, suppliers, contractors, and consultants) are long-term cooperation, mutual benefits, respect, trust, honesty, and fairness. The Company does business only with reliable partners who are engaged in legal activities and observes the following basic rules:

  • Being a public company, the Group primarily selects its suppliers on a competitive basis;
  • The Company fulfils the contractual obligations to its business partners and expects them to do the same;
  • The Company settles any dispute that may arise in the process of its business activity by legal means and negotiations aimed at finding a mutually acceptable solution;
  • The Company always takes into account the requirements of the legislation of the countries it does business with.

The Company builds its relations with the competitors on mutual trust; it welcomes and encourages mutually beneficial cooperation. The Company regards any manifestation of unfair competition or abuse of market power as completely unacceptable. The Company fully complies with the competition laws of the countries where it operates.

Preventing corruption

As prescribed by the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, all the Company’s employees observe the current anti-corruption and anti-money laundering legislation. The employees may not make, promise or receive illegal payments in cash, in kind or in any other form. The Company rules also prohibit the employees to offer, receive, or authorise offering of valuable gifts to public or private customers, business partners, their representatives or affiliated parties with an aim to obtain undue commercial advantages.

Any contact with government officials and other persons referred to in the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices should strictly comply with the Company’s anti-corruption regulations and the current legislation.

As part of its anti-corruption efforts, the Company implements the following principles:

  • Do business only with reliable business partners (customers, suppliers, contractors, and consultants) engaged in legal activities and not involved in corruption, and make every effort, to the extent permitted by the applicable law of the Russian Federation, to inform them thereof, and to examine their business practices;
  • Make every possible effort to prevent bribery in the name of the Company by developing and introducing a system of adequate procedures;
  • Make every effort, to the extent permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation, to obtain the information verifying the appropriate use of funds that the Company allocated for charity and sponsorship;
  • Cooperate with the authorised agencies, partners and customers on preventing corruption, on the principle of reciprocity.

All the principles and restrictions set forth by the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics equally apply to agents, consultants, and other third parties acting on behalf of the Company.