The key priority of Rusagro Group is to produce competitive, high-quality products that comply with the statutory requirements of the Russian Federation and meet the expectations of the customers. The Company recognizes the importance of safe high-quality food products for the nation’s health and controls every stage of production in all of its business segments, including control of incoming materials, production control, control of finished products, and control of vehicles used for the transportation of the products. The state-of-the-art production equipment ensures the quality of the manufactured products and their compliance with all relevant requirements on sanitary and hygienic practices.

The Group’s enterprises are certified as compliant with Russian and international standards, regulations, and safety principles applied to the production and supply of products. The enterprises have introduced the GOST ISO 9001–2011quality management system and the ISO 22000:2005 food products safety management system. Separate enterprises have also been certified as compliant with ISO/TS 22002–1, ISO/ТS 22002 and FSSC 22000 if this was required by the specific aspects of their activities.

The two feed plants of LLC Tambov Bekon and all the enterprises of the Oil and Fats Business have been certified by HACCP system, a key element of the ISO 22000:2005 international standard for food safety management. НАССР certification implies that the required safety level should be ensured during food production, storage, transportation, and preparation.

JSC Samaraagroprompererabotka, part of the Oil and Fats Business, was the second sunflower seed processing facility in Russia certified under GMP + B2 good manufacturing practices standard. The Agriculture Business operates in compliance with Technical Regulation 015/2011 of the Customs Union On Grain Safety.

The Company focuses on increasing customer satisfaction and uses the information obtained in the process of handling complaints to improve its products. The Group’s enterprises gather extended statistics of complaints. Every incoming complaint is compared to similar cases, and the customer’s complaints history is analysed, which makes it possible to reduce the complaint handling time. As soon as the root causes of the shortcoming are identified, the Company makes every effort to address them as quickly as possible and provide feedback. Personnel engagement is ensured through a system of remuneration based on achieving specific KPIs.