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Rusagro approved the Digital Transformation Strategy to introduce automation systems and develop innovative solutions for process optimisation in each business segment. This Strategy is an integral part of the overall Development Strategy of each business. The digital transformation strategy of the Company has a common goal shared by all its businesses: enhancing profits through the reduction of costs and improvement of productivity, specifically by mitigating human factor.


In 2017–2018, the Sugar Business approved the Business Process Digitalisation Concept and the Management System Digital Transformation Strategy for 2018–2022, with a focus on:

  • Planning the Company’s activities in the information system with the use of simulation and optimisation tools;
  • Ensuring the realtime management of production operations in the information system in automatic mode with the use of optimisation tools;
  • Ensuring the control over production steps, use of machinery, commodities and materials, financial resources in the information system in automatic mode with the use of optimisation tools.

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In 2020, the Oil and Fats Business approved the Digital Transformation Strategy until 2026, with a focus on:

  • Increasing sales margins of finished products and reducing the farm-gate price of sunflower through the optimisation of the logistics and storage;
  • Reducing costs and losses per unit of production;
  • Mitigating risks and improving safety.

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In 2019, the Meat Business approved the Digital Business Maturity Improvement Strategy until 2025, comprising three waves: Certainty (2019–2021), Digital Transformation in Action (2021–2024) and Digital Company (2024–2025). The core objectives of the first wave were:

  • Better management decision-making;
  • Mitigation of the human factor in data generation — priority on automated data feed over manual data input;
  • Automation and robotisation of standard operations;
  • Reduction of costs and operating losses;
  • Risk mitigation.

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The digital transformation the Business involves several stages: the first stage — Digital Measurements — builds a foundation for a digital databased decision-making system, mainly focusing on mitigation of human factor in measuring production efficiency parameters. This stage was completed in 2020, providing the Company with means for online high-accuracy measurement of key targets of the Sugar Business.

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