Sustainable growth of the Company is primarily promoted by the development of human capital. The Company has been devoting significant resources over the past five years to improve its brand in the job market, to increase employee engagement and internal recruitment. Rusagro worked towards higher attractiveness of employment with the agro-industry, bigger opportunities for career and professional development of employees, much better working conditions and higher level of compensation and benefits, as well as more attractive corporate culture. As a result, the attractiveness of Rusagro as an employer brand upgraded from 41% in 2017 to 49% in 2020 (64% according to our own research across target regions), and employee engagement rose from 67% to 72%, and the share of internal recruitment went up from 36% to 63% over 2016–2020.

Rusagro’s employer brand attractiveness, %
Rusagro’s employee engagement, %
Share of internal recruitment at Rusagro, %
Source: RANDSTAD AWARD, in 2020 with Rusagro data